Beginning 20th April 2022 ‘Cultivating the Willingness to Feel’ Online Course

The many benefits of somatic practice (be that yoga, mindfulness, embodied resilience etc), are to be found within the clear feeling of physical sensations. If we become intimate enough with the sensations being continuously generated by our bodies, we begin to find a welcome sense of ease within ourselves and a more relaxed way of being within the world around us. But for some, the ability to feel can be somewhat elusive. This could simply be due to lack of time, or interest, or clear instruction perhaps. But for some, it could be that our willingness to feel has been inhibited by past pain in our lives, physical or emotional, causing us to not want to feel anything anymore, which can create a variety of problems as we become more and more out of touch with the incredible wisdom of our bodies.
Cultivating the Willingness to Feel…
This 5 class intensive course should appeal to two types of participant, those who would like to slow down and deepen their ability to feel (and enjoy), and those who perhaps find it challenging to feel sensations but would like to enquire into the possibility of increasing their willingness to feel. The classes will of course focus on feeling rather than doing, and each class will involve a little comfortable movement, and a little stillness, either lying on the back of the body or sitting. You will be invited to make your practice space as comfortable as you like, using blankets, cushions, bolsters, what ever you have at hand. The experience will hopefully be delicious, relaxing, and deeply nourishing.
COURSE STARTS: WEDNESDAY 20th April 2022 (5 consecutive day intensive)
LIVE CLASS TIMES: Wed 20th, Thur 21st, Fri 22nd – 19.00-20.00
Sat 23rd & Sun 24th 08.00-09.30 GMT
EACH CLASS WILL BE RECORDED and available for 24 hours
VENUE: in the comfort of your home
VIA: Zoom online (live class or recorded)
COST: £55.00


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