A short practice to support releasing tension around the neck.
To support the deep release of your neck in this practice, it is important that your head be at the right height, in relation to your spine, that will allow for your neck to be long, soft, and comfortable. When you come to lying on your back, have a few books at hand, and if needed place one or more books behind your head so that your head can be in line with your spine. Aim to have enough height with your support that will allow you to be looking straight up at the ceiling directly above you, and for your neck to feel as long, soft and comfortable as possible.
Take your time with this practice, the goal is not to turn far, it is just simply to feel and respond to the sensations being generated, and to invite your neck and shoulders to relax as much as possible into the movement. If you watch the video (and you really don’t need to) you will see that the head turning is quite slow at times, this does not mean that you need to do the same – you may find that you need to turn a little faster, or slower, or a little less – allow sensations to be your guide, and softness to be the key.
If you find that this practice helps, perhaps try it every day for a week, always moving from what you can feel, rather than imposing any wish or goal on to your body.
PLEASE NOTE: this practice is to support the release of tension around the neck and shoulders. If you have structural damage to the neck, although this practice is unlikely to make things worse, and may even give some relief, you may also need the help of a professional therapist. Always check with your GP if you are unsure.