I began my journey practicing, and then teaching, movement/yoga/meditation/somatic awareness/resilience trainings some 30 years ago! A number of trainings and courses eventually led me to the Windfire Yoga School in Italy, and there I remained for quite some time teaching the incredibly brilliant Dynamic Yoga Method. After some years I was officially recognised as one of only eight ‘Senior’ Dynamic Yoga Teachers’, which meant that I was empowered to run workshops and courses presenting the method to students and trainee teachers. From there I created the Dynamic Yoga Teacher studio and website and ran a busy schedule teaching courses, classes and workshops in London, and workshops around England, Scotland, Spain and France.

But I had a little itch that needed scratching! Since childhood, I had a crazy fantasy of one day becoming a paramedic! So back in 2017 I applied for the training and began my short career as an ‘Emergency Ambulance Crew’, treating patients and driving an Emergency Ambulance in London. It was, as I am sure you can imagine, a crazy time. With long hours, continuously changing and long shifts, a huge array of challenging jobs. I was incredibly thankful for my somatic practices to support me during these days. But unfortunately, although I loved the job, after only 18 months, I was forced to quit due to severe lack of sleep which temporarily affected both my mental and physical wellbeing.
What this period of time working on an Emergency Ambulance showed me was that my yoga and meditation practices were very much needed to help me to get through periods of, at times, almost overwhelming stress. But it also demanded that my practice had to change, it had to become even more sensitive than the way I had been practicing for many years.
From this experience my self-practice, and teaching of yoga, gradually became much much softer and more refined. So when my teacher developed and introduced us to the Embodied Resilience Trainings, I knew, from day one, that this was how I wanted to continue to teach. Dynamic Yoga was, and still is, an incredibly sensitive practice; and yet still remaining, in my practice at least, was a hint of passive aggression that secretly accompanies all attempts to improve the form, or capacity, of the body. For me the deeply nourishing and deliciously generous practices of Embodied Resilience made it more accessible to connect to, and experientially recognise, intelligence within. Leaving one with, what I feel is, an experiential, and embodied, deep resilience. For me, this simple, and yet powerful practice has not only enabled me better to cope with life’s uncertainties with a very welcome ability to ‘bounce back’ after challenging times, but also I have become aware that I am able to find much more pleasure, and enjoyment in my everyday life.