I am sure that you will agree, 2020 was quite a year. For many of us the strange times that unfolded brought with them less welcome emotions and feelings, from mild irritation to full blown anger or fear, and our usually comfortable, secure and rarely threatened way of living appeared to have been left feeling a little rattled.

Many of us have been living in a world, that suggests that our safety depends a lot on what we’ve got, where we are, how privileged we might be, how many resources we have at our disposal, and those resources are usually considered to be external, or material resources. But what if our most valuable resource were in fact something internal, has always been there, is always at hand, and is available to everyone, all of the time.
If we can experience this deep sense of peace more fully, we begin to feel calmer, safer, less anxious, less reactive – even within these strange and uncomfortable times.
All you need to get in touch with it, is a willingness to feel.