Mindfulness and yoga in an ever changing world

Mindfulness and yoga for an ever changing world

Embodied Resilience classes use sensitivity to sensation within the moving practice of Somatic Retuning, the stillness practice of Somatic Intuning, and the sharing practice of Somatic Atunement. These practices give emphasis to the subtle over the intense, intimacy over information and giving to your body over taking from. This then provides a clear ability to connect with the deep strength and intelligence within you, while being deeply nourished and energised, allowing you to live more freely in the world, just as it is, with resilience, stability, calmness, courage, love, compassion…..


All of our courses are currently being taught online. In this way, we feel that not only are we able to avoid any potential unnecessary risk due to the current health crisis, but also, we are able to offer this deeply supportive and nourishing method to a wider audience, and lessen our carbon footprint. We have found that receiving a class from a competent and experienced teacher, while in the comfort of one’s own home, is actually a very enjoyable, relaxing, and beneficial experience.

Coming soon…

Her Resilience Training’ Online Course
A six week long course for women, in support of our hormonal changes.
Each week we will be offering two online classes: a deliciously nourishing somatic practice presented by Sarah Wilde, and a fun and informative talk given by guest presenters.
More information and dates to follow. Watch this space!  


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Sarah Wilde

Sarah has been teaching Somatic Awareness practices for over 20 years, with over 4,500 hours of certified training. Her teaching is thorough, clear and to the point, at the same time being supportive, gentle and insightful. Through direct experience, Sarah feels that the nourishing, mindful, somatic practices of Embodied Resilience put us deeply in touch with the intelligence and strength within us, allowing us to become more freely comfortable and relaxed with ourselves, just as we are, and at ease within the world around us, just as it is.

Read more about Sarah’s teaching journey HERE.

Rob Howse

Somatic Awareness practices have played a very important part of Rob’s life over the last twenty years. Whether in the silent stillness of meditation or the soft delicious movement of Yoga, and now Embodied Resilience, he has always found his practice profoundly fruitful. Through this deep commitment to Self Enquiry Rob has come to recognise the tremendous value of these techniques and would thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who wants to dive deep into their experience as a conscious being.


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